Boswellia Serrata

Boswellia serrata is known as Shallaki in Sanskrit. It has been used in Ayurveda the traditional Indian medicine as a safe support for healthy joint & muscle functions. The herb Boswellia is considered to possess analgesic properties. By regulating the mediators of inflammation, boswellia exerts a significant anti-inflammatory activity that reduce inflammation due to exercise or normal overuse. It helps soothe the joints & helps treat levels of synovial fluid which in turn may make the entire structure lubricated and easy to rotate or to move.

Description :

Concentrate obtained from boswellia.

Botanical name : Boswellia serrata Roxb

Plant part used : Gum resin

The crude ethanolic concentrate and the pure compound were analysed for their inhibitory effect on TNFalpha, IL-1beta and IL-6 :

All three cytokines are down regulated when PBMCs are cultured in the presence of crude concentrate or the pure compound at various time points. Observations on Th1/Th2 cytokines revealed marked down regulation of Th1 cytokines IFNgamma and IL-12 while the Th2 cytokines IL-4 and IL-10 were up regulated upon treatment with crude concentrate and pure compound.

Crude ethanolic concentrate and the isolated pure compound are capable of carrying out a natural anti-inflammatory activity at sites where chronic inflammation is present by switching off the pro-inflammatory cytokines and mediators, which initiate the process.


Gum-resin Concentrate of Boswellia serrata have been traditionally used in folk medicine for centuries to help in the treament of various chronic inflammatory diseases including osteo-arthritis in India.

It contains boswellic acids which have shown anti-inflammatory properties in several in vitro models.

1) Anti-inflammatory effects

2) Anti-edema effect

3) Anti-arthritic effects

4) Chondroprotective effect

Boswellic acids are major active principles of the concentrate of Boswellia serrata, responsible for the modes of action and the resulting properties.  The action mechanisms involve several pathways.